European Union, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland Passport Holders

According to the provisions of the Russia-EU, Russia-Denmark, Russia-Norway, Russia-Iceland and Russia-Switzerland Visa Facilitation Agreements citizens of the above mentioned countries may apply for a business visa on the basis of a written request of the host Russian organization printed on its official paper. It can be made in any form but shall necessarily contain the INN (tax) number of the company.

A copy of such invitation can be submitted. If necessary, the Consular Department may request the original invitation.

However these provisions are not valid for the non-signatory states: United Kingdom and Ireland.

Citizens of these countries should submit medical insurance certificate valid for Russia or guarantee of medical coverage from a Russian hosting organization for the period of stay. Medical insurance certificate should contain Russian contact phone number for emergency or assistance.

Holders of diplomatic passports of the signatory states enjoy a visa-free regime during their visits to Russia.

For other requirements see the general visa information.