Tourist visa

To apply for a Tourist visa, an applicant should submit the following set of documents:
  • Application available online at All questions in the application form should be answered. If a question is not applicable to the applicant, he should put "N/A". Each application form must be signed by the visa applicant personally. Incomplete visa application forms shall not be processed. HANDWRITTEN APPLICATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED!!!;
  • Valid national passport (original only and it should have at least two clear visa pages). It must be valid not less than six months after the visa expiration date;
  • Visa support document - Tourist Voucher and Confirmation (NOT the hotel reservation). You can get it in any travel agency or hotel (ask the hotel that you booked to send you "visa support document"). The tourist voucher and the confirmation include special reference number, details on the route of the trip, intended dates of travel, number of entries, passport details. Both documents should be stamped and signed by the authorized person. Copies of these documents are accepted;
  • Copy of the medical insurance valid in Russia and fully covering the period of the trip; you can get it in any insurance company in the UAE; the Consulate General cannot provide you with the insurance;
  • Travel document (flight ticket, etc.), confirming the dates of the trip;
  • One photo (passport size) should be glued to the visa application;
  • Copy of the main page of the passport;
  • Copy of the residence permit for non-UAE citizens.
Visa application process takes 1 week - normal, 3 days - urgent.

Tourist voucher and the confirmation sample: