Transit visa

To apply for a Transit visa an applicant should submit the following set of documents:
  • Application available online at All questions in the application form should be answered. If a question is not applicable to the applicant, he should put "N/A". Each application form must be signed by the visa applicant personally. Incomplete visa application forms shall not be processed. HANDWRITTEN APPLICATIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED!!!
  • Valid national passport (original only and it should have at least two clear visa pages). It must be valid not less than six months after the visa expiration date;
  • Visa of the destination country (with the copy);
  • Tickets for the whole itinerary;
  • Medical insurance valid in Russia and fully covering the period of the trip;
  • One photo (passport size);
  • Copies of the main page of the passport and of the residence visa.
Visa application process takes 1 week - normal, 3 days - urgent.

- The validity of Transit visa for a foreign citizen travelling to the destination country by air can be not more than 3 days.
- Transit visa can be both single and double entries. The validity of double entry transit visa can not exceed 30 days (each entry for not more than 72 hours).
- The validity of transit visa for a foreign citizen travelling to the destination country by vehicle or any other type of land transport through the territory of Russia can be up to 10 days.
- Should you travel to Belarus through the territory of Russian Federation you have to obtain Russian transit visa even if you are using air transport because flights between two contries are domestic (without passport control).